The campaign

The Heart Truth campaign
The face of heart disease is changing. Once considered “a man’s disease,” the number of deaths from heart disease and stroke are now virtually the same for men and women in Canada. The Heart Truth campaign aims to raise awareness among women of ways to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke, and give them the tools they need to protect themselves.

The Heart Truth is a national public health education campaign to raise awareness that heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death for women in Canada.

The Heart Truth website gives you all the information you need to evaluate your risks, adopt a healthier lifestyle and find out how to become a Heart Truth leader in your community. You’ll also find stories of the courageous women living with heart disease and stroke and a caring online community to inspire your own heart-healthy efforts. We invite you to explore, learn and get involved!

The Heart and Stroke Foundation launched The Heart Truth campaign on February 4, 2008. The campaign targets women over the age of 40, and across ethnicities and backgrounds through education and outreach activities.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation gratefully acknowledges the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Heart Truth campaign, which has served as a model for the Canadian campaign.