What is the Red Dress

The Red Dress is the official symbol of The Heart Truth campaign. It’s feminine, strong and confident, capturing the spirit of the cause in a symbol that women across Canada can identify with and feel proud of. The Red Dress represents women’s courage and passion and their power for change as they share the truth with others and raise awareness about the importance of heart health.

Women can show their support by purchasing a Red Dress pin, at your local Heart and Stroke Foundation Office. Red Dress pins are striking conversation-starters that help women to share the truth with others. For every pin sold, 100 per cent of net proceeds are contributed to the campaign.

Each year, the Red Dress symbol comes to life on the runway as top Canadian fashion designers create original red dress designs in celebration of women and heart health awareness. The Heart Truth Fashion Show takes place in March. The events are star-studded affairs, with top designers unveiling original red dress creations modeled by some of the country’s most celebrated women. View photos of the models and dresses.

The Red Dress symbol has a proven ability to reach women. In 2003, just 18 months after its original launch in the U.S., one in four American women identified the Red Dress as the national symbol for women’s heart disease awareness.