Is CBD oil for depression an effective alternative?

by Genesis Matthews

CBD also short for cannabidiol is turning out to be a cure for major arising problems nowadays. From treating chronic pain, anxiety to depression and cancer, it is setting its foot and gradually becoming an effective remedy for multiple diseases. But with all the growing popularity, it is also raising points of concerns regarding its legality, safety and dosage.d

CBD oil for depression


With a growing mental illness, depression is turning out to be more common than people realise. Mental health is not acknowledged enough which pushes people deep into this endless cycle of sadness. It is normal to feel low at certain days but sadness lasting longer than a week along with symptoms of behaviour change, losing appetite or interest in activities that you used to enjoy can be alarming indications of budding depression.

Depression can hit you at any point of your life, but recent studies show it generally starts at a very early phase of life, from late teen to mid-twenties, a point in life when a person grows the most, both mentally and emotionally. While there are many effective ways to tackle depression, therapies and counselling being the top choice, people have also begun to use CBD oil for depression and consider it as a possibletreatment, keeping in mind various other benefits it provides.

Cannabidiol (CBD):

It is always advised to learn more about things that you use especially to improve something as important as your mental health.A completely natural compound CBD is sourced from and found in hemp plants. With its growing use, many companies make sure to grow it in a pesticide and chemical-free environment to avoid any harmful effects and ensure a top-quality product.

Another major compound found in the hemp plant is the THC, known for its mind-altering effects it is completely extracted out from the final CBD oilto avoid any kind of sensation of getting high. The CBD oil for depression contains less than 0.3% THC and extracted from the hemp plant that makes it a legal product in the majority of the states.

Is it effective as an anti-depressant?

While many questions the safety of using CBD oil, it is clinically certified as a non-toxic chemical that has rare side effects which aren’t generally considered severe in comparison to certain harmful pharmaceuticals.

CBD oil for depression

Using CBD oil for depression is clinically proven as an effective alternative treatment, with low side effects. It doesn’t completely cure depression but has been proven effective in improving the symptoms. The naturally produced cannabinoid in our system controls various bodily functions like sleep, mood, appetite, pain and sensations. These cannabinoids bind to specific receptors in our brain and increase the production of serotonin. By taking CBD oil for depression, we increase the amount of serotonin produced thus relieving the symptoms of depression.

It is often seen that depression is followed by insomnia as well as anxiety, making the conditions much more difficult than it already is. CBD oil available in various forms can lower these symptoms as well, making it a much more effective treatment for depression.

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