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Get Involved
Heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death for women in Canada, killing seven times more women than breast cancer. Women are less likely than men to believe they’re having a heart attack or stroke, and more likely to delay treatment, putting their lives at risk.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is working together with our sponsors to empower women like you to learn the truth about heart disease and stroke and share it with others in your community.

You can help The Heart Truth campaign by becoming a Heart Truth Champion and using the tools found in this part of the web site. Together, we can share the truth all across Canada and give women the knowledge they need to survive and thrive.

Simply by sharing The Heart Truth with other women and encouraging them to make lifestyle changes and take action to improve their health by quitting smoking, becoming more active and eating a healthier diet (such as one low in saturated fat), you can help them reduce their risk by as much as 80 per cent!

We invite you to join us and help save lives in your community by becoming a Heart Truth Champion. The “Tools for you” section of The Heart Truth website will give you all the tools you need to help share the truth about the risk of heart disease and stroke with other women.